JULIAN RICHARDS trilogy, Pirates, Queen Sacrifice,  and Bad Company won Best Film at the British Short Film Festival before being televised by BBC  Screenplay Firsts. subsequently, he was invited to direct "Wales Playhouse: In with the Rent,  a Playhouse for BBC Wales. Subsequently, Julian directed A Mutter of Voices,  a docu-drama about genocide in Rwanda for BBC2, and twelve episodes of Liverpool soap " Brookside " for Channel Four. Julian also adapted the novel "Calling All Monsters" for Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment.  In 1996 he wrote and directed his debut feature film Darklands which  won several awards including The Melies D'Argent for Best European Fantasy Film. Richards' conspiracy thriller Silent Cry was awarded The Gold Remi at Worldfest Houston and his third feature, The Last Horror Movie which he also produced through his company Prolific Films, won fourteen awards including Best UK Feature at Raindance and The Melies D'argent for Best European Fantasy Film. Julian's fourth feature as producer/director is coming-of-age thriller, Summer Scars  which won seven festival prizes & two British Academy Awards. Julian directed Derek Jacobi in Charles Dickens's  England , a feature length documentary about the life of Charles Dickens.


ROBERT WEINBACH  began his film career in Spain as producer of  “Platero & I” (based on the Nobel Prize winning book by Juan Ramon Jimenez}. Subsequently, he produced and co-authored two other films in Spain; “Hallucination” starring George Montgomery and “Blind Man’s Bluff” starring Boris Karloff, Jean PierreAumont and Viveca Lindfors. Returning to the United States, he produced “Tropic Heat” co-written by best-selling author, Robin Moore (“The Green Berets” and “The French Connection”).

In London, Mr. Weinbach co-authored and produced “The Mutations” (aka “The Freakmaker”) starring Donald Pleasence and Academy Award nominees, Tom Baker, Jill Haworth and Michael Dunn and directed by Academy Award and New York Film Critics winner,  Jack Cardiff  (“The Red Shoes”,  “African Queen” and “Sons & Lovers”). Later, in the United States, Mr. Weinbach packaged and co-authored the screenplay for “Good Luck, Miss Wyckoff” based on the novel by Pulitzer Prize winning author, William Inge,  starring AnneHeywood and Donald Pleasence.

Mr. Weinbach, president of Cyclone Productions, Inc.,  is a two time winner of the Houston International Film Festival Screenplay Competition. He lives in Los Angeles and is a Directors Guild and Writers Guild member.