Riveting, terrifying thriller, based on the acclaimed novel by Brian Harper.

By Robert D. Weinbach

Young secretary lacking in self-esteem becomes victim of savage killer but, somehow finds resources of courage to fight back and escape.


Obsessed with killing Wendy, Rood, the killer, penetrates a police cordon to guard her . Again, during a harrowing car chase, she escapes, earning Rood's twisted sense of love. He later kidnaps her and brings her to his hideout where he subjects her to a horrific ritual of psychological  intimidation. She is finally rescued  and Rood is captured by Det. Sebastian Delgado.


In a daring plan, Rood escapes jail, killing several policemen in the process. Determined to kill Wendy, he storms into her office building. During a ferocious display of carnage, Rood is finally killed by Wendy who shoots down the monster of her living nightmare, transforming from a timid mouse to  a lioness  of great courage and determination.